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Most modern websites utilize cookies to enhance the user experience. In practice, this means there's a short text file saved in the browser. The information in this file shall not identify you as a person, but various types of information is saved in the cookie either until your visit is over (session), or within a given time limit.

Functions on this website that require cookies to function include the building function. The information regarding the contents of your list is saved in a cookie. Without this possibility, it's very difficult to return to the website and continue building your PC. (It's actually impossible!)

Furthermore, we save information regarding which browser version you're using, when you've visited us previously, and which pages you visit. All of this is connected to your browser, but you can easily de-activate the use of cookies or delete them. You can read more about this further down the page.

We strongly recommend that you do not de-activate the use of cookies because it greatly diminishes the website experience, and many functions may cease to function.

Deletion and de-activation of cookies

At the Post- och telestyrelsen, you can find further information about cookies and tips on how you as a consumer can handle them. The information is found on (in Swedish) pts.se/cookies.

A more thorough technical description, which applies to most browsers and operating systems, can be found at aboutcookies.org.

Google offers a browser extension called "Google Analytics Opt-out" to users of the Chrome browser. This gives you the possibility to deny Google Analytics the possibility of measuring your usage. You can read more about and download the extension at google.com/dlpage/gaoptout.. There are also some other browser extensions that block Google Analytics, such as uBlock Origin.

What the law says

The full law text, as agreed upon by the European Union, can be found here (PDF file).

Google Analytics

The tool Google Universal Analytics is used to measure the traffic on our website, which gives us valuable insight on how to improve it. The data is saved for 50 months. We only save anonymous information and can not identify you through Analytics data. We are not a port of Google's advertising network, which means we do not share the information with any third part.

Affiliate links

Links to products in some retailers go exclusively through an affiliate partner. This means a cookie will be saved in your browser so that the retailer can know that you found them through BUILDAPC.GG. Knowing this, we can get a small commission if you decide to buy something. This means we are able to pay the server bills without showing you irrelevant ads. Retailers that we currently have an affiliate partnership with are NetonNet, CDON, Dustin, and Webhallen.

We cannot take responsibility for any cookies saved in your browser after you leave BUILDAPC.GG.

User accounts

When you sign in or register on BUILDAPC.GG, a cookie will be stored in your browser. This cookie is unique for you as a user. When you are signed in we can tell that your browser has the cookie, which means we can deliver your private content and account pages to your browser. Without cookies, this service would not be possible. If you wish your service usage to remain fully anonymous, we do not recommend signing in to BUILDAPC.GG.

GDPR options

According to the GDPR directive, we have to be transparent with our users as to which information we collect and how it is used. Additionally, we need your consent to save this information unless it is completely anonymous and/or absolutely necessary for the functionality of the website. Since this is the case with our use of cookies, there are neither opt-in nor opt-out options.

A new user is prompted with brief information about how we use cookies. Once you've consented to the terms and use of cookies, this information is saved in a cookie, so that we will not ask you again on your next visit. Deleting your cookies means you will be prompted again.


If you have any questions or concerns about how and why we use cookies, feel free to contact us at [email protected]